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Erica Ro​se​

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Erica Rose

Erica Rose, licensed ordained minister and has over 15-years of biblical ministry experience, teaching and encouraging others through their faith in both the English and Spanish speaking community. Erica has provided hundreds of wedding ceremonies for couples in California and those come from around the world to visit and marry in the state's beautiful national parks.  With a background in psychology and mental health education, she provides services for both the faith-based community and non-religious informed by her education.  

Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling 

Erica holds certification in Professional Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling and has provided services for clients throughout the United States.  Additional work experience includes  motivational speaking, violence prevention education, certification in victims services through California State University, Fresno, Criminology Department and subjective well-being workshops.  

Couples-Saving Marriages Before They Start

Seeing so many couples come together in love. Erica has dedicated her work to seeing couples prepare for life-long successful marriages.  For that reason she has become a certified SYMBIS facilitator, offering couples pre-marital counseling.  

Navigating Life and Love Coach

I have worked with hundreds of married couples.   In doing so, I have learned time and time again about  the miraculous joining of two individuals in love and the path that got them there. With this knowledge, I have a passion to help others who desire a partner. Whether its guiding individuals in self evaluation, confidence, restoration, dating or courting during these times, I help singles develop a plan to action. 

 "In my free time, I find myself in nature. Going on a hike or drawn to a riverwalk. I enjoy music and food and making the best out of every moment in life. I feel God is a reflection of what one does, of one's character towards others and themselves and love, rather than what one says."

"It my dream to help others live theirs"

-Erica Rose 

                      "I have accomplished more working with you in 3 - months then years of working with other programs.  

                      I can't thank you enough."

                                                                                                  --​Rose M-Portland ,Oregon